Friday, July 1, 2011

And so it begins

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Now it gets ugly.  Pulled the carbs, smog equipment, intake manifolds, exhaust header.  Every bolt and nut came out too nicely.  Until the last two.  One was stuck - could move back-and-forth a bit with vice-grips, the other stud (behind / below distributor) was already broken off.  At my neighbors urging, I elected to go with Metal Disintegrator Machining (MDM) through Jerry's Broken Drill and Tap Removal in Santa Ana California.  Glad I did - turns out someone already broke an EZ-Out in the other broken stud.  Both studs were removed and threaded inserts were placed.  $140 more to the tab, but beautiful results with zero damage to the head.

While it was out, I brought the head to Bob McKray Performance for cleaning and inspection.  Head was in excellent shape.  Manifold/header mounting area was .008" out-of-flat which was machined flat.  Valve seats re-ground.  Sandblasted clean - it is a thing of beauty.

Cylinder Head Before-and-After
Cylinder 1