Sunday, August 25, 2013

The New Hood

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After several unsuccessful attempts to find a hood still in good shape, Lenny came to the rescue.  The hood was solid, no rust, no damage, but after 40+ years, ain't nothing perfect.  It still took a fair amount of body work to get out the waves.  But it's done, installed, trimmed and lookin' good.
When I purchased the Z originally, it came with a box of extra goodies, including a new hood emblem.
It looks awesome!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Datsun 240Z Quest for OEM Hose Clamps

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Please check out my new website

It's time now to move to OEM-style braided hoses and OEM-style 2-wire hose clamps.  Easy, huh?  NotSoMuch.  I found a good supplier for the black-cloth-braided OEM-ish fuel hose (see post 240Z Gas Tank & Hoses Refurbish).  The hose clamps, however have proved elusive.  Scored a few from a Z at the wrecking yard, but most of them were in too bad of shape to restore.

I was excited to find some on e-bay at a reasonable price.  Photos looked good.  Excited when they arrived today.  Then I saw them.  Sadly, they are not "close enough" to match the OEM look.  Also, the sizes are just a hair off.  They come yellow zinc coated, which can easily be coated in plain zinc.

Top = OEM    Click for larger image
Here is a photo of the smaller clamp (3/4 inch) taken apart (on bottom) and compared to an OEM clamp (on the top).

This one is almost passable, in a pinch.  The screw is a round-head, it could be shortened with some grinder work.

The rectangular block through which the screw passes is HUGE compared to the OEM version.

Left = OEM
Click for Larger Image

Here is the larger (1 inch) clamp.  It is an oversized monster of a clamp compared to the OEM.

The screw is a hex head and it is huge compared to the OEM version.

I'm sure these new clamps are sturdy and well designed.  It's just that they won't do for the OEM replacement requirement.

Top = OEM
Click for Larger Image