Thursday, August 22, 2013

Electronic Points

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  1. Came across your blog while searching for info about the Toyota brake caliper upgrade. Then I got to reading more of your blog and there's lots of good information and it leads me to a couple of questions.

    First, for the brake caliper upgrade, did you have to upgrade your master cylinder or does the stock 240Z master cylinder work fine? I'm going to do the same caliper upgrade and am curious if I need to buy a different m/c.

    Second, I was reading about your electronic ignition upgrade. I also upgraded to the Pertronix. I'm curious about your lost of power above 3800 RPM. When I upgraded to the Pertronix, I also installed the Pertronix 3.0 Ohm coil which meant I had to bypass the ballast resistor, which I did. But I still get some missing and hesitation but even at lower RPMs than you do. Since you still have the ballast resistor, did you use the 1.5 Ohm coil or is the resistor just there physically but not connected? And when you said you jumped the tach wires, it looks like what you have done effectively is the same as what I did which was to remove the ballast resistor and then I took the two wires that were connected to each end of the resistor and connected them together. Is that the same as what you did by jumping the tach wires, or is it more complicated than that? If what you did is different than what I did, that may be the answer to my missing and hesitation problems.

    Thanks In Advance,

    Brad Morgan

  2. I kept the same brake master cylinder. I did need to get it serviced, tho, as there was some corrosion inside the barrel that was "out of the stroke" with the stock brakes, but, I'm guessing, with a slightly longer stroke due to the larger calipers, the piston got stuck and so did the front brakes. Lotsa smoke. No warping or damage, but one spooked driver.

    Regarding the ignition, I purchased the coil/points combo from MSA. Instructions said to keep the existing ballast resistor, which I did. I did NOT bypass the ballast resistor, I only bypassed the Tach.

  3. I also kept the stock balancing valve. Many have said it should be replace with an adjustable one. Haven't done it. No problems yet, but then I don't race her - as even the slightest scratch would reduce me to tears instantly.