Sunday, August 25, 2013

The New Hood

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After several unsuccessful attempts to find a hood still in good shape, Lenny came to the rescue.  The hood was solid, no rust, no damage, but after 40+ years, ain't nothing perfect.  It still took a fair amount of body work to get out the waves.  But it's done, installed, trimmed and lookin' good.
When I purchased the Z originally, it came with a box of extra goodies, including a new hood emblem.
It looks awesome!

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  1. Such an awesome Z, thanks for sharing! '71 240 was my first car and now I JUST started rebuilding a 260, so I know I'll be visiting this blog somewhat often along with a few z forums!

    If you ever want to give me your feedback as I tinker away on this thing please feel free to do so, all the help I can get the better!